Using LEGO bricks and 3D pen to learn letters and Grammar

Category : Creativity in Language Learning

Η παρουσίαση του βραβευμένου προγράμματος εκμάθησης αγγλικών με την χρήση LEGO και τρισδιάστατου στυλό (3d pen).


Activity 1: Match the letters

For the first activity, we printed an alphabet chart as you can see in the first photograph. Then, the students used a 3d pen(under our supervision) in order to trace the letters.

After, the students followed our instructions and matched every upper case letter with its lower case letter.


Activity 2: Prepositions and colours

For the second activity, we used LEGO bricks and the students followed our instructions by picking the right bricks and place them in the right spot, applying what they have learnt about prepositions of place and colours.


Activity 3: Plural form of nouns

For the third activity, we used LEGO bricks and some stickers which we put on every brick. Then, we wrote the singular form of some nouns on the stickers. On some others we wrote the suffix  of the plural form. The students tried to match the singular form of nouns with the correct suffix.

By applying these techniques , our students feel excitement, they participate and thrive in the English language. Their kinaesthetic and visual needs are also satisfied. What’s more, they  learn not only the english language but most importantly values such as collaboration, respect and inclusion. They really enjoy their time in class, due to these playful activities and get acquainted with state-of-the-art technological equipment.